Less is More


Your camera automatically reduces the size of the image files by compressing them to fit more on the memory card. The amount of compression is the second important setting on your camera because it affects image quality—and less is more!


Click on the video (above) to watch the lesson. The Lesson Guide (below) contains a transcript of the video. It has space to make notes and a worksheet if you download and print a copy.

The short worksheet at the end of the Lesson Guide will help you with setting the image quality on your camera. Complete the worksheet with the camera and manual in front of you.

Lesson Guide Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Less is More


If you’re having trouble setting the image quality on your camera, leave a question in the discussion area below (be sure to include the camera model). One of your fellow students who has the same camera or I will try to assist you. I encourage you to post any other questions or comments about the lesson, too.

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