Studio Time

Are you an artist looking for a place away from distractions for self-directed work on your art? Somewhere with ample space, the equipment, and many of the supplies you need? Where you can interact with a community of other artists and give your creativity a boost? That’s an affordable alternative to renting a studio full-time? Then book time in our fully-equipped studio.

What do we offer?

  • Generously-sized 3’ x 5’ industrial workbenches with sturdy wood tops where you can create your next encaustic or mixed-media work.
  • A variety of equipment, including heated encaustic palettes, heat guns/tools, a medium-size printing press, and a woodworking bench with hand tools.
  • Essential materials for encaustic, mixed media and print-making projects. Additional materials are available for purchase, too.
  • A comfortable lounge with coffee, tea, water and light snacks when you want to take a break.
  • Free Wi-Fi® with high-speed internet.
  • Easels for oil and acrylic painting, pastel work, or watercolor and other wet media.
  • A fully-equipped darkroom for analog and vintage photographic processes.

What does it cost?

  • $50 for a half-day (3 hours) or $95 for a full-day (6 hours)—a 10% savings.
  • Includes the use of one bench/easel and all equipment, along with essential materials.
  • Payment for studio time must be made in advance to reserve your spot.

What hours is the studio available?

Studio time is normally available on weekdays from 10 am-1 pm or 1 pm-4 pm for a half-day or from 10 am-4 pm for a full-day. Arrangements can be made for an earlier start-time or later end-time or for time on weekends. Studio time may be reserved up to 30 days in advance, but availability is not guaranteed and the studio may be unavailable when workshops or other events are scheduled.

What “essential materials” are provided?

These are the same materials typically provided during a workshop. For encaustic, these include medium, basic paints, and panels up to 11” x 14”. For printmaking, these include inks and basic papers. For photography, these include the necessary chemicals and basic papers.

Are other materials available for purchase?

We usually have available for purchase a selection of larger encaustic panels, more expensive encaustic paints, and specialized printmaking and photographic papers. We can also order materials for you ahead of time if we do not normally have what you need.

Can I use the lounge before or after my studio time?

Yes, you are welcome to arrive early and use the lounge before your studio time or stay afterward and relax. While you’re using the lounge, though, we ask that you not interrupt other artists while they are working and to be considerate of others using the lounge.

Is there a discounted rate if my art group wants to book studio time?

Yes, there is a 20% discount for 4 or more artists booked together: $40 each for a half-day (3 hours) or $75 each for a full-day (6 hours), up to a maximum of 8 artists. The event space is available to reserve at no additional cost if your group wants to hold a meeting in conjunction with the studio time.


Are you an instructor looking for a location to hold a workshop? Do you need a space that is well-equipped and is suitable for a variety of mediums? Then reserve our studio or event space for your workshop.

Our studio space is equipped with generously-sized 3’ x 5’ industrial workbenches and sturdy wood tops. We have easels for oil and acrylic painting, pastels, or drawing that can be used in either the studio or the event spaces. And we have a variety of equipment, including a medium-size printing press and a woodworking bench with hand tools, along with a variety of smaller tools and equipment. The classroom space will accomodate up to 8 or 16 participants (1 or 2 to a bench) or up to 12 participants at easels or tables in the event space.

We want to encourage workshops that may have a limited audience or are experimental, so we offer a variable rate based on the workshop price and attendance—just 25% of your workshop fee per participant. Use of the equipment is included, but not materials. We can help you order materials ahead of time so everything is here and ready for your workshop. The lounge and event space are also available to use in conjunction with the workshop. And we can handle enrollment in your workshop online at no additional cost. Payment of the fee is due at the start of the workshop.


Are you looking for a place where your art group can meet! Then rent our event space for your next meeting.

The event space can accommodate up to about 50 participants (seated), and we have conference tables and chairs and audiovisual equipment available for your use.

If your meeting is free and open for visitors to attend, then we’ll make our event space available to you at no cost. For private group meetings or events, please contact us for the fee and deposit (there is a 2 hour minimum, including setup and cleanup time).